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always dreamed of?

We believe people can get to where they want to be and that the size of a dream cannot be measured. It’s time to be a pilot, aircraft mechanic or successful flight attendant!


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We are the Associação Voar

We were born with the purpose of making people achieve their professional dreams and change their life paths, giving them the opportunity to study and qualify to work in the aviation sector, mainly pursuing their careers as pilots, flight attendants and aircraft mechanics.

We believe it is very important to create opportunities, investing in training people who cannot afford it. This way, we can help them transform their story, contribute to society in a broader way and strengthen the commercial aviation market, with more qualified professionals working in the area.

Who maintains Associacao Voar?

Noticing that some people had the desire to fly higher in their career, but due to social economic limitations were held back and couldn’t get proper training, the executive team of Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras decided to create and kickoff an association to be an agent of empowerment, social and educational transformation changing people’s lives.

Although the executive team is the main charter for Associacao Voar, we are also supported by partnering executives within the airline sector, key companies that keep this market in motion, and supportive companies interested in promoting the professional qualifications within the airline sector.

We want to see Associacao Voar as a key driver in growing and delivering value to society, giving the necessary incentive to transform the lives of those that are really passionate about flying at higher altitudes.

Come and fly with us in this mission!


Training for those who believe the sky is not the limit


Do you believe that you
can fulfill your dreams and
fly higher with us?

So, check out the requirements to apply for the scholarships we are offering:

  • Complete high school education;
  • Socioeconomic proof.

Our Selection

We list three pillars that will help us select people to be part of Associação Voar: social and economic aspects, merit and profile assessment will be analyzed in the selection process.

The socioeconomic analysis stage is subject to an interview with our Social Services Department, in order to validate the information provided in the form. This step is crucial, we may and request some indispensable proof.

Want to know how the 3 pillars work? Take a look:


  • Socioeconomic proof (form and interview);
  • Family structure;
  • Curricular training.


  • Career history, evaluation and conduct.


  • Psychological, skills and profile assessment;
  • Language leveling.

Selection Stages


Regions where
partner schools are located

We have chosen reference schools in some cities in Brazil to train future aircraft mechanics, pilots and flight attendants.

People from any region in the country can apply for scholarships, all you need is a strong desire to realize your dreams, be available to move cities and thus fly higher with the Association.


Your dream is our dream!

We’re sure we’ll find the right people to give that boost needed to fly even higher.

And if you’ve got this far, how about making this your goal too? Help the Association make people fly!